1. I have a trigger finger that I will be seeing the doctor for tomorrow morning. It is very painful and makes it challenging to keyboard.

2. My daughter and her two sons moved in a week ago over the weekend. I helped her a little in cleaning her apartment but mostly I have been trying to incorporate another household in my home. Major moving box overload!

3. Last Monday my older grandson came down with the flu and I took him to the doctor, and tried to make sure he had a little extra TLC

4. I had two major doctor appointments—my first annual physical in two years and tests for the surgery I was supposed to have the beginning of March. They can’t work me into the schedule for surgery until after I get back from Utah so surgery is scheduled for April 17th unless there is a cancellation in the next week. The results of my physical were excellent and the tests from my GYN appointment the week before were great, too. The surgery is for a prolapse which is something that often happens to ladies who have had children and are aging. I am aged but healthy, and blessed.

5. The baby got the flu on Wednesday—incidentally, everyone is recovering well and I (Bless the Lord!) have not gotten the flu.

6. Yesterday was Roy’s birthday. We had a bittersweet day. I am at peace with his death but I miss his presence.

I have been a little busy and keyboarding is a challenge because of the problem with my finger but I am not gone or even on pause.

There are now 7 people living in my home and I appreciate the reminder of the challenges that many of you have. Tomorrow, an appointment with a hand surgeon and hopefully he will do the procedure immediately so I can be more productive.

Have a wonderful day,



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