The difference in my home came when I determined that:

I will make my bed and make it nicely so I would come to a pretty, pleasant, and restful bed instead of a tangle of sheets and blankets.


 I will put away clothes after I have worn them. I will not leave them on the chair. I will put dirty clothes in the laundry and will hang clean clothes in a section of my closet reserved for clothes that are clean enough to wear again.

I will release an article of clothing each time I buy a new article of clothing.

I actually had fun adding closet dividers to my closet

I will go through my closet regularly and release anything that does not fit or is not in good repair. Nothing in my closet is dirty, torn, or stained except for clothes I use for painting or dirty work.

In the bathroom:

I will wipe out the sink and wipe off the counter after each use.

I will use daily shower spray after each shower.

I will use up product or get rid of it by passing it on to someone who will use it or throwing it out instead of accumulating partial containers of product and medications I will never use. I will check expiration dates and toss any medication or cosmetic  that is out of date.

I will close the shower curtain to allow it to dry instead of becoming a moldy mess.


I will regularly gather the dirty dishes, wash them, allow them to dry, and put them away. (My goal is to keep the dishes in the dining room and kitchen but other family members do take them to their rooms. I have spoken with them but they do not always listen.—They are adults, I think.) I will empty the dishwasher when the cycle has run and put dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher.

I will keep my kitchen counters clear and reserve the front 2/3rds as a workspace, free of clutter.image

I will regularly gather the trash and not allow the trashcans in my home to overflow.

I will pick up after myself. I will put away items that are not in use.

I will leave each room at least as good as, if not better than it was when I entered it.

I will keep the entry and front porch welcoming and orderly.


I will dust and mop regularly.

I will deal with mail and paperwork as quickly as possible. I will make sure I have stamps available.

I will have points in time each week to deal with tasks:





Friday—car and purse.

Whenever I see anything out of place in my home, I will return it to its home.

I will do everything decently and in order.

Plan may be a four letter word but it simply means to think ahead. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

I am a cozy minimalist. I want my home to only contain what is useful and beautiful but I do not want it to be stark or barren.

Most of all I want to love God first and love others well because of my love and honor for God. I want to represent God well in my attitude, actions, words, and appearance.

Today we are visiting the Gardens at Thanksgving Point. One of my favorite places on earth. The boys have “Field Guides” for all the areas of Thanksgiving Point. We are going to explore the gardens, feed the koi in the Koi Pond, whisper secrets in the Secret Garden, find the Latin and English names for a flower, visit the Monet Pond, and the largest manmade waterfall in the world. The pictures I share of statues are all located in a part of the Garden.

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