Hello, Lovely,

I have always been a person who wants to be productive. I have wanted to share how I learned to work smarter, not harder. I always made it a priority to get this blog done. I took some time off when Roy died but for much of the past more than 10 years I have been faithful to post regularly. I would say I was almost driven to post early in the day every day.

A few weeks ago, I came across a devotional by Ted Dekker. In the past, I thought he was a little dark, at least a little too dark for me. The Forgotten Way, his 21 day devotional and study guide is the most incredible book, after the Bible, I have ever read. It is transformational. It is about how we see the Father, Yeshua, the Spirit, ourselves, others, this world and the next.  https://theforgottenway.com/welcome

I have always tried to have a Quiet Time first thing in the morning. As I have read the devotional and the study guide, I have kept them on my bed. I reach for them first thing in the morning. Instead of feeling like I need to have a Quiet Time, I am eager each morning to become  happy in the Lord, and this is transforming my attitude toward my relationships and activities of the day. As I delight in the Lord, I find delight throughout the day. I relate to people differently  and I see Yeshua in them. While I still have an awesome regard for my Father in heaven, I am not afraid of Him because I see His boundless love for me. I also see His boundless love for you.  

So I am encouraging you to get up in time to spend time becoming happy in the Lord before you begin your day, and encounter other people. I highly recommend the book and study guide as well as the MP3 audio materials.

Part of what God is doing in me has me spending less time on the computer. I believe the love He has given me makes my presence here part of my calling. I believe as He renews me  I am trusting my Father to make me better than I have been and able to bring you more of value.

I am handling the increased activity in my home, better and better, and with more love, peace, and joy. Delighting in the Lord, is helping me to delight in all of life. I am enjoying caring for my family, cooking, and even cleaning. He is giving me beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning.  (Isaiah 61:3)

I will be posting here regularly but it is important that the electronics in our home remain tools and not consume my  life or yours. If I am here, it is because I first took the time to be happy in the Lord and my home is in order. I am learning to be instead of do and have what I do bloom out of who I am in Christ.

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,



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