The Area of Focus is The Kitchen

Daily Must Do’s

·         Beds made

·         Laundry

·         Trash Collected

·         Nutritious Meals Prepared

·         Dishes Done

Each Day during the Week:


·         Put your home in order after the weekend

·         Clean your toilets

·         Check storage for any needed items—toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products


·         Duster Dance Day—put on happy music and  swoosh that dust right out of your home


·         Desk Day—deal with any current personal and family business, pay bills, and either file papers you need of dispose of papers you do not.


·         Floor Day—sweep or vacuum then mop hard floors. Vacuum traffic areas


·         Put your home in order for the weekend

·         Clean out your car

·         Clean out your purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack or whatever you carry with you when you leave the house


Family Fun Day—work or play together as a family. Wrap up a family work day with a family treat



·         Worship as a family

Coordinate activities with your family and plan your week together—Make sure all appointments are on the central calendar. Who is taking and picking up children to activities and events? Are we responsible for refreshments for any activities? What clothes are needed for any activities—uniforms, clothes for choral, band, or orchestra concerts?

When you finish decluttering, go back to the beginning and start over again. Each time you will be able to release a little more stuff and make your home more a place of refuge and beauty for yourself and your family. Stuff is less important that having a pleasant and pretty place to live.


How do Areas of Focus work?

Focus on one area of your home for six days. Do your basics and spend 15 to 30 minutes decluttering or cleaning in your zone per day week. Sunday is a day for worship, family, friends, and coordinating the next week’s activities with family and rest.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Start high and work your way down, choose a direction and work around the area.


·         Are there any cobwebs? (M)

·         Are the light fixtures and ceiling fan clean? (M)

·         Are the windows and window treatments clean? (M)

·         Is your refrigerator clean —inside and outside? (M) Are there fingerprints? (as needed) Are you using leftovers? (D) Do any items need to be tossed?(M)

·         Is your freezer clean? (M) Are there any foods that need to be used before they go out of date? (M)

·         Is your microwave clean inside and out? (M or as needed)

·         Are your stove top and oven clean?(M or as needed)

·         Are your drip pans or grates clean? Do they need to be replaced? (M)

·         Is the stove hood and filter clean? (M)

·         Are canisters and decorative items clean? (M)

·         Are there fingerprints or other marks on walls, window sills and woodwork?(M)

·         Are doors and door frames free of marks?(M)

·         Are cabinet fronts clean? (M)

·         Do your cabinets need to be put in order? (M)

·         Is your under sink cabinet clean and in order? (M)

·         Are baseboards clean? (M)

·         Are your countertops clean and sanitized? (D)

·         Are the dishes done and put away (D) Is the dishwasher empty?(D)

·         Clean and sanitize sink(s)

·         Are your floors swept? (D)

·         Do your floors need to be mopped? (W or as needed)


Have a wonderful Sonshiney Day,



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