The past few years have been so challenging(I thought life was supposed to become simpler as we became older!!!) Roy’s illness and then death with all the details to deal with and missing him, Liam (our youngest grand) was born. My son and his family (and two dogs) have been living with me. My daughter separated and divorced and then became engaged to the man of her dreams – the wedding is next month. Her apartment lease ran out and the apartment complex wanted to raise her already substantial rent so while she is building a new home with her husband to be she and her two boys (16 and 14) moved in with me so I have gone from a household of two to seven and two dogs. This past week Roger’s Kendall and baby Liam have moved home with one dog to her mom’s home-hopefully temporarily. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 weeks ago after coming back from visiting my daughter in Utah’s family over their Spring Break and caring for two of my favorite boys in the world while mom and dad had a work related fun trip.

The great news is I am not going crazy. I have peace in the middle of the storm. I am challenged. I have not been able to interact with my family and care for my home as I would have wanted for the past several weeks.
I had made a commitment several months ago to speak this past weekend on the topic: Roadmap to a Peaceful Home. The Father has been teaching me that while it is great to have your home in order that the peace needs to come to you from Him and that peace needs to be in you even in the middle of storms.
I have peace. I have joy. I have power. I have love, and it all comes from my Father in heaven.
I have to confess that while I prepare, know what I want to say, work from a basic outline and I pray and ask others for prayer, I always feel like a failure after I speak. I have to trust God that I had the right words for the women there.
I do not have it all together. I live a real life with challenges but I always believe that in any challenge I have not yet seen the end of the story. That God is good and has a plan for me and you. I am grateful and excited in the challenges in my life. I know while all things may not be good God will use them for good in my life and the lives of the people around me because I love God and I am called according to His purpose.
I have hit the 4th week since my surgery so I will begin to attack in small increments the disaster area my home has become over the past seven weeks while I have been away and then under doctor’s orders to not lift, twist, push, pull, bend, or do much of anything. I plan to use my timer and work 15 minutes at a time and rest when I know I need to rest.
I am ready to be back writing on this page and my real life challenges will show up.
I am my Father’s daughter–the King of all kings. I can do all things He wants me to do. I am complete in Christ. I am who God says I am and not who the enemy says.
Have a Sonshiney day,
Love, love, love,


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