The fourth area for Doing the Basics in Under 20 Minutes a Day is the Gathering Areas—The Living Room, Great Room, Family Room, Den, TV Room

Your Gathering Room—7 minutes each day

  • Use a dustbuster or small vaccum like a Shark Rocket to pick up crumbs (2 minutes) (If you don’t have any of these use a whisk broom and  small dust pan)
  • Straighten pillows on the couch and chairs and fold throws (2 minutes)
  • Spot clean end tables, coffee table and entertainment center – wipe off any fingerprints or other marks. (1 minute)
  • Put away CD’s and DVD’s. Straighten books and magazines. Discard newspapers (2 minutes)


Tidying, neatening, straightening, pulling together or whatever you care to call the process of bringing order to a room quickly depends on knowing what you have to do and spending focused time doing it. I believe you can beat the timer in many of these areas. Work expands to fill the amount of time you allow it. I have better things to do, don’

t you?


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