Good morning, Lovelies!
Well, my daughter and grandsons have moved out and into her new home with her new husband. Most of the boxes are gone and I have begun putting my home in order after weeks of required inactivity and lots of extra people doing interesting things in my home. Putting my home in order will take weeks, if not months. The order underneath is still there but this is a great time to start over and declutter, put in order, and clean.
1. The yard has suffered since Roy’s death so each morning I will spend a few minutes in the yard.
2. It is necessary to keep up with basic home maintenance. Laundry and dishes and general good order will be maintained before I declutter, put in order, and deep clean.
3. I must keep up with paperwork. I cannot neglect paying my bills on time and taking care of business as it occurs. If you have not been taking care of your paperwork, make an appointment with yourself for Wednesday morning, gather all the papers in your home, do a quick sort by –To Pay, To Do, To Read, To File. Put the To Do items on your calendar. Work from current back instead of trying to start with the oldest.
4. Do not go down rabbit trails. When you see something that needs to be done, put it on your Master To Do List. Do not get distracted from what you are doing to do something else. Stay focused. Try to do between one and three items off that list each day. If you can do more–Hooray!–but one thing off the list is progress.
I am starting fresh. Follow along and work with me!
Love, love, love,
Mary My Desk


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