Good Morning, Lovelies!
I am about to head outdoors to mow the lawn before it gets hot outside. Again, in taking back my yard ,that was always Roy’s responsibility, I am committed to spending a few minutes mowing, weeding, hoeing, trimming each morning.

I followed through and made sure the house was orderly, not clean, but at least orderly while I work through getting rid of clutter, putting in order (organizing) and deep cleaning.
This project is not a couple of weeks or possibly even a couple of months but I am using reporting in to you as part of my motivation.
Yesterday I finished an audit that I committed to doing for one of my grandchildren’s activities. I made some phone calls that will save me hundreds of dollars, and reduced the paper pile significantly. I did cook dinner. I did take a shower and get cleaned up after my stint weeding a flower bed. Oh, and my watch counted it as exercise!
Today, I hope to attack at least one closet and I have a hair appointment.
What’s on your list?
When you notice something that needs to be done, put it on your list. It is great to cross things off that list. Focus. Don’t go down rabbit trails. Plan your work, work your plan. And yes, I do say some of the same things over and over again. It works!
Love, love, love,


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