Dear Friends,
Our lives will change continually and we will have to tweak our routines and how we approach somethings. People move through our homes, at least through mine, and they bring stuff with them. We have activities that have stuff attached to them.
For me I like to focus on what I can get done instead of focusing on why I cannot get things done. This has been true through traveling, surgery and recovery, going from two to seven people and two dogs in my home and now back down to 2 to 3 people and one dog.
Do what you can as you can. We are home managers. We are the thermostat in our home. Our homes reflect us, our attitudes, our efforts. I considered Roy in all my choices while he was alive but my home reflected and still reflects me. That’s because I do most of the work. The yard, garage, and attic reflected Roy. He did most of the work in those places. I am struggling with those areas but I am committed to bringing order in each/all of those areas.
You are the manager. What needs to be done in your home and how will you accomplish it? Plan your work. Work your plan.
When life and kids bring stuff into the house where can you best store these items? Do not store what will never be used again. Disassemble it. Reincorporate it into your home. Donate it. Sell it Toss it.
To not decide is actually a decision to remain in the situation you are in. Putting off some decisions often just prolongs the misery. Returning again and again to the same item you know needs to go without tossing it means you will continue to be faced with that decision.
Please do not consider me to be critical of your situation. I have learned these lessons through being faced with them myself–RAW EXPERIENCE.
Love, love, love,

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