Someday I will remember to take before pictures. 

Good Morning, Lovelies!

After running in sand on Wednesday, yesterday I made progress!!! I took back another section of the flower garden, did a light declutter of much of my home, put my bathroom closet in order, and got boxes and junk out of my upstairs hallway before baking scones and going to an evening Bible Study.
What is a light declutter? I went room to room throughout my home and simply put things away. I looked under beds, cleared stuff off of dressers, and counters. Often things are left out so long on counters and other surfaces that we begin to think of them as part of the décor. I looked at each surface and put away what I could–where it belongs–not just stuffing in a drawer or closet.
In the closet in my bathroom, area by area, I removed everything and put back only what I actually use or plan to use. If I do not use the things I now plan to use they will be disposed of in the next go round. When everything was off the floor of the closet, I cleaned the floor before putting anything back. I had a small green machine that no longer worked well. Yesterday was trash day. I picked up the machine, and took it to the curb. I loved it while it worked.
I have a load for the local thrift store that I will take there tomorrow morning.
Today, I may not be able to work in the flower bed because it looks like it rained over night. I hope to get to the laundry closet I planned to put in order on Wednesday but found my grandchildren needed me more. I also need to do stain patrol on my carpets and thoroughly mop and vacuum. Thursday, was Floor Day but I transferred its tasks to today.
Next on my list–a couple of days cleaning out my closet. It often doesn’t take as long as I think it will but I would rather plan for longer.
It feels good to be making some progress and see the stuff disappear. It is also so much easier to keep up with the areas I have put in order.
How are you doing? Where are you in making your home less cluttered, more orderly, cleaner, and a nicer place to live?
Love, love, love,

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