The local county government has provided a monitored safe space at Chesterfield Courthouse for picking up items purchased online. I trust the lady implicitly but I like to use this place for the safety of all involved.

I spoke to my newlywed daughter who is trying to craft a family with new husband. They have a total of 6 children- his 4 girls and her 2 boys–16 to 7. The new house is a disaster area as they merge two households, two storage units, and wedding gifts.
hThe problem with messes is we think nothing of adding to a mess. In other words, messes give permission to add to the mess. That is why, even when my home is not as clean as I would like it to be, I try to keep surfaces clean and things orderly. One of the challenges is people dropping things everywhere. I reminded Amy of THE BOX. When they were growing up and things began to get out of hand I would give a clear 5 minute warning. If anyone’s things were on the floor or any other surface where they did not belong, they would go into THE BOX at the end of 5 minutes. They would have to do something to redeem items from the box. This included all family members including me. I recommended to my daughter that they allow the children to choose the penalties. Surprisingly, the penalties my children came up with were more than I would have done and they were more likely to accept them because they had had a big part of creating them.
Today, again, errands and possibly some time in my closet which also needs some attention. Tomorrow, EEK! The Kitchen.
Love, love, love,

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