Good Morning, Lovelies!
It is so much fun to cross tasks off my To Do List. Yesterday was Errand Day and I managed to do a task that I had avoided for a year and a half. I took Roy’s PO Box keys back to the post office. . . and got $6.00 back for the keys.
I also went to the library, dry cleaners, WalMart, met a lady to pick up something I ordered online, and dropped off donations at the thrift store, and oh, something was hanging down below my car so I made a trip to the service department of the auto dealershipIMG_0008. I also took a trek up to my daughter’s home and dropped off her wedding gown, the planter I put together from the succulents in her wedding bouquet and some things for her new home that arrived here after the wedding. I did not work in my closet as I had hoped but I will work toward that later this week.
Today I am tackling the kitchen.
I finally got most of the weeds out of one flower bed. On to the next! I also found some lovely marigolds at WalMart for a really good price and I will plant them this morning. Every day a little more.
That’s the key. Maintain what you have done and each day do just a little more. I am working toward getting to work in the garage this weekend. I am terrified but it’s got to be done. I am both encouraged and a little setback by dealing with some of Roy Paitsel‘s things but I try to focus on the good and keep going. Take the next breath. Make the next step. And try to smile.
Love, love, love,

One thought on “Reporting In–I got the errands done and I will keep moving forward

  1. You have really motivated me, Mary. I am even trying to get up earlier in the morning. I am getting a few things done each day and am reading more than watching TV!! Your posts spur me on!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!

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