Good morning, Lovelies!
Two flower beds down and a good start on the third.
A good start in the kitchen, too, but it is really a mess right now. I am headed into the kitchen in a few minutes so I can get what I can done before I take care of Liam today.

The area I can work in while watching Liam is my craft closet. I can play with him and work on my craft supplies a little at a time. My son and the baby took over my bonus room which is big but was also my workroom and craft room. I ironed and worked on projects in that room.

Tomorrow, I hope to iron and do some work in my closet.
Having a plan for my work helps me get more done even if I don’t accomplish everything I’d like in the time available. I hoped to finish the kitchen yesterday but there is a little work to go.
Plan your work. Work your plan.
Love, love, love,


One thought on “Reporting In–Two Flower Beds Down and a Good Start on the Third!

  1. Plans are always good, and sometimes they don’t work out, but we try again! Great encouragement to get me going after 6 days with Tarpley some things have gone undone. Hope to see you tomorrow morning.

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