imageGood Morning, Lovelies!
Yesterday I got up quickly so I could work at finishing up in the kitchen before I began to care for Liam. I did not finish but I did get the pantry cleaned out and put in order, and cleaned up after a mouse who made his home in the bottom of the pantry, munching on wheatberries that have been discarded. I knew which bags of wheatberries had been invaded not just by the little holes but by the fact that I had forced all the air out of the bags when I put what I could not fit in my large buckets into gallon bags. The mouse has met his demise.
When my son had to leave for work, Liam was a grump but we played and he brightened up. While he was napping I attacked one of my craft closets and got one large closet put in order.
Today, the bottom freezer drawer in the kitchen and fine tuning areas in my home from the front flower bed to my closet and ironing. Today is also time with friends at Bible Study and a video conference with some friends I work with at a ministry in another state. I am taking tomorrow off to go out on the boat with my son and his friends. Monday I want to run errands to drop off the excess from the kitchen at the thrift store-ReGenesis on Jefferson Davis Highway in Chester. Tuesday is the 4th and then – Ta Dah! I am going to start on the back deck and garage. I want to maintain what I have accomplished and keep moving forward through the garage, to the attic, and then start over again.
Each time I go through I let go of a little more, bring a little more order, and everything becomes a little cleaner and nicer.
So, today, FOCUS. Know where you want to go and eventually you will get there. It is like peeling an onion–one layer at a time and sometimes it kinda stinks but eventually it tastes good
Love, love, love,


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