Good Morning, Lovelies!
So yesterday I shared what I was trying to accomplish before I headed out the door.

Yesterday’s List for before heading out to Busch Gardens at 9 am:

Bed made – check
House in good general order – check
Load of laundry in the washer – check
Repaired some rugs – check
Blogged – check
Accounts balanced – check
Some mail dealt with – check

These tasks were done

Tasks to do —
Dishes put away -check
15 minutes in the yard -turned into somewhat longer but I got the whole lawn mowed.
Run the vacuum – didn’t get this done
Feed the dog – check

Before I shared it with you most of my list was in my head.

The tension is finding a balance where:

you have an opportunity to relate to other people. (Some of that relating seems to be with people dedicated to undoing what you have done and remaining loving, patient, and gentle.)

you are maintaining what you have already done

you are making progress

you are making physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual demands on yourself while pacing yourself

Let me assure you that you can do this. Sometimes you will mess up-I do it all the time. Just get up and keep going. You are getting stronger all the time.

Back outside for more time on the porch, deck, and yard
More boxes to the Thrift shop.
Today is Desk Day but I put everything in order for the beginning of July so I am good in that department.
Work in my closet so I can hopefully start on the garage and back deck before this week ends.

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. Aim higher.

Love, love, love,


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