Good Morning, Lovelies!
When my daughter and her sons moved in a few months ago while she prepared for her wedding and was building a new home, I had to empty two closets for their things. This meant losing the area in my closet I was using for my prayer closet. In the past few weeksI have been putting my home back together. Yesterday I got my prayer closet back. I am so happy!

Today, weather permitting, I plan to work on my back deck and begins work in the garage. Trash collection is delayed because of the 4th and I want to get as much trash out of here as I can on Friday.

Yesterday, while I was working in the yard, I had a chance to chat with one of my very dear neighbors. It thrilled me to hear of her decluttering and that she was encouraged by hearing of mine. That is why I do this. I want to encourage you. I was not at all organized when I started to put things in order in the 1970s but it’s second nature to me now. Simply said, if I can do it, you CAN do it.

Love, love, love,



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