Good Morning, Lovelies!
More progress in the yard yesterday. Most of the flower beds are in much better condition. Today with temperatures headed into the 90’s, I am preparing to spend time in the yard and garage before noon. Yesterday, most of my progress in the garage was setting off an insect bomb. That process took more than 6 hours. We have brown recluse and black widow spiders here in Virginia and I did not want to meet one of those critters as I worked through the cabinets and piles of stuff. Today, I am hoping to clear off the shelves in the garage immediately outside the kitchen. Each area needs to be cleared, wiped down, and only those things needed in our home placed back on those shelves.
Our garage is used for recreation and to store tools and sports equipment. The shelves immediately outside the kitchen are used for small appliances. Anything that does not fulfill these purposes needs to be placed elsewhere or set free.
Determine what the purpose/function of an area is.
Remove any stuff from the area that does not contribute to the purpose/function.
Arrange items that contribute to the purpose/function in a way that makes it easy to access and use those items.
Categories for stuff:
• Items I use and need
• Items that belong elsewhere
• Items that can be sold or donated
• Items that are broken – repair or trash
• Trash
Make sure you have containers—boxes or bags for each category. Be careful of placing items that are not trash in bags. Stuff in bags tends to get thrown out. That said, I am storing my seasonal outdoor throw pillows in trash bags but I will tag the bag.
And before you enter an area to declutter, put in order, and clean:
• Are your daily basics are completed? Bed made, dishes done, laundry, no major trash accumulations, and rooms in good general order?
• Do you know what you are having for dinner tonight? Lunch? Have you had breakfast?
• Don’t forget to hydrate—that is drink lots of water.
Yes, I am overwhelmed and scared but I am moving forward anyway.
Love, love, love,


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