Good Morning, Lovelies!Yesterday, I shared some pictures of my early efforts in the garage but nothing can really give you the effect of one tiny area of the garage decluttered, clean, and orderly! It encourages me and I had to show the three people who were in my home in the hours following. I also mowed the side and back yard.

In a few minutes I will be putting on my jeans, socks, and boots, and going out to mow the front yard and then attempt to do some weed eating.

Then into the garage and my goal is to work in the freezer and fridge at the bottom of the stairs including clearing off the top of the refrigerator and freezer. I will be taking care of Liam for a little while today so I will need to find time for a shower before spending time with him. 

I know what is for dinner – sausage and peppers

I need to put away some clean dishes before working on the yard

My bed is made, my teeth are brushed, I will be wearing the right clothes for the job.

I am going to reward myself with a mani/pedi, hopefully this afternoon. I definitely need to do something about my nails before I leave next week for my 50 year class reunion and a visit with my sisters and step-mom. 
Plan your work. Work your plan.

Love, love, love,


The next small area. Disclaimer: The Bud Light flag is not mine


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