This is still waiting for me this morning. Disclaimer: I did clear off the top of the freezer
This is still waiting for me this morning. Disclaimer: I did clear off the top of the freezer

img_1408Good Morning, Lovelies!
Yesterday I had a clear plan. I jumped in and got started. I was working in the yard bright and early and got the front lawn cut. Then, my first shift of the day. The weed eater would not work. One task still on my list. I did clean up the lawn mower. Yay me!

I planned to work in the garage and began by clearing off the top of the freezer. My daughter in love (now separated from my son) was to pick up the baby for an appointment only to realize the appointment is next week. I then had the care of my little sweetie until 1:30. Shift two–I fed and changed Liam, and then worked in the craft closet in the room where Liam was playing. When I am taking care of my grandchildren but not actively playing with them I keep an ongoing conversation going. The attention seems to work.
My son was just scheduled for half a day yesterday so after he got home I went to get a mani/pedi in preparation for my trip home to Michigan next week. So one thing is off my list.

Today I hope to do what I had planned to do yesterday–work on the freezer and refrigerator in the garage. I know that I will not have everything I want to do done before I leave next week. I will do what I can and pick up where I left off when I get back. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I also hope to get some lawn/pond debris out of the back yard. I must remember to wear gloves.

Bottom line — things often don’t go as planned. I am not sitting down and giving up. I will shift plans, do what I can, and tomorrow I will do more. I only fail when I quit.
Love, love, love,


2 thoughts on “Reporting In – Shifting Plans

  1. I got up early this morning and trimmed some crêpe myrtle branches that were hanging on the roof. I put some of the flowers in vases and made a total mess in the kitchen; but, I cleaned all the mess up and swept the landing and stairs. I helped load the branches on the truck. I pulled the dead stems out of one of the daylily beds and put them in the truck. We hung the porch swing and put two of my plants back on the porch. See, you really do motivate me!!!!

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