Good Morning, Lovelies,
I always left the yardwork to Roy because he enjoyed it. When I first started working a few minutes at a time on a few feet at a time it was hard work for me. It is still hard work, but great exercise, and I find myself going beyond a few minutes each morning. I still barely know what I am doing but hopefully I can keep my yard and my home from falling into total disrepair.

I had hired a friend of my grandson’s who is like a family member to work in the yard for me but after removing debris from the pond area life occupied him and the debris remained around the pond– a tangle of hoses, grasses, statuary, and other debris.

Yesterday morning I went out with a rake, lawnmower, and a wheelbarrow and put the pond area back in order. I still need to find someone who knows about small decorative ponds to help me learn how to maintain the pond. I am leaving now to go to Lowe’s to get an inexpensive weedeater.

Pictures later of the small amount of progress I made yesterday in the garage.
Love, love, love,


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