Good Morning, Lovelies!This week I am so excited to be flying to Michigan to spend time with my sisters and Stepmom and to go to my 50 year Class Reunion! I will miss being with my family in Virginia and continuing my work in the yard and the garage but that work will wait. 

I put mulch in one of my flower beds on Friday to see how it would look-Preen shredded mulch with a herbicide to keep the weeds down. It can not be used in areas where plants you will eat are planted. Today I hope to get to Lowe’s to get around 10 more bags and spread the mulch before I leave for Michigan.

I also hope to keep working in the garage but my priority is making sure everything inside my home is up to date so hopefully my son will find it easy to maintain while I am gone.

I have not completely been following my regular routine inside my home – just doing the floors and dusting as needed while I worked outside and in the garage. I always do a walk through in the morning and evening and take care of anything that needs attention.

One funny thing, I have been wearing old shoes while working in the yard and ended up having to wash them regularly or having gras covered shoes sitting outside next to my front door. I have the cutest red paisley rubber boots–after weeks of working outside it dawned on me–that is what those boots were designed for!! Now my red paisley boots will be on my feet each morning when I go outside to work. 
I had started to do a little writing each week on Aging Gracefully. I was ready to do a video on eyebrows and thought that I needed help from my grandsons. Well somehow they said yes but we never got around to it so when I get back I will be brave and attempt to do some videos myself. TA DAH!

So today–

a little more weed eating that is harder than it looks

get some more mulch and spread it

put the inside of the house in order

get ready to pack for Michigan–clothes clean
Love. love, love,



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