Good Morning, Lovelies!
Quick review!
If you focus on one area of your home each week of the month it becomes easier to declutter, put in order (organize) and clean each area.
The 1st to the 7th–The Gathering Areas-Living Room, TV Room, Family Room or Den
The 8th to the 14th–The Kitchen
The 15th to the 21st–Your Bedroom, Closet, and Attached (EnSuite)Bathroom
The 22nd to the 28th–The Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room
The 29th to the End of the Month — The Family Bath(s)
Also if you will designate a day a week for different tasks it also makes the work easier
• Put your home in order after the weekend
• Clean your toilets
• Check storage for any needed items—toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products
• Duster Dance Day—put on happy music and swoosh that dust right out of your home
Desk Day—deal with paperwork
• Floor Day—sweep or vacuum then mop hard floors. Vacuum traffic areas
• Put your home in order for the weekend
• Clean out your car
• Clean out your purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack or whatever you carry with you when you leave the house
Family Fun Day—work or play together as a family
• Worship as a family
• Coordinate activities with your family and plan your week together
Add in a few tasks as part of a daily routine and your home will stay clean and orderly and you will make progress
In the morning:
 Quiet time
 Breakfast
 Vitamins/Medications
 Exercise – a regular short routine is better than a longer routine you never do
Make laundry and dishes a priority
 Laundry-I start a load of laundry first thing each morning and make a point of getting it into the dryer and then folded and into the drawers.
 Dishwasher- make a point of not leaving clean dishes in the dishwasher. Unload the dishwasher as soon as the dishes can be handled. Work to get your family to put their dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of leaving them on the counter or in the sink. Start a load as soon as it is fairly full.
At the end of the day
 Gather and Empty Trash
 Lay Out Tomorrow’s Clothes
 Before Bedtime Walk Through
 Involve your family. You are not doing your children a favor if they are not learning to be good helpers and increasing more able to take care of their clothes, toys and other possessions. Their clothes should be laid out the night before and putting their rooms and toys in order before bedtime should be a regular part of their routine.
Reporting In
I learned to use a leaf blower yesterday! It is great! it cleared the grass off the driveway and sidewalk with little effort in a very short time. I love it!
I am learning to use tools to take care of the yard. It is harder than it looks. Roy made it look easy. I will get better. Zig Ziglar said, “Anything is worth doing poorly, until you can do it well.”
Today I will mow the lawn for the last time before my trip. I then have a monthly gathering that I have missed for the past few months because of surgery and wedding. We get together at a friends home and make cards. It is so much fun and great to get together with other ladies.
While I am out I will take care of a couple of errands. Tuesday is a regular errand day but if I look at my week and notice I will be away from home on a different day I can adjust my schedule. For example, on Thursdays Fall through Spring the women’s ministry at my church has Bible Study. On Fridays, there is also a study with a group of old friends. I will help however I can on Thursdays and take time for study with friends on Fridays. I can run errands either or both Friday and Thursday and so what I can at home on Tuesdays.
Yesterday I found out that one of my friends needs to furnish a home. It was great to let go of things that I was keeping that were surplus but not excess. They are good things. I could use them but I did not need them. It was a pleasure to let go. I will be looking for additional things in my home in the weeks to come that may make her life easier. Who can you help? Many of those items may have eventually gone to the Thrift Shop but if someone has a need, let go.
Tomorrow, my Desk Day, I will make sure that all of my personal business for the next couple of weeks is taken care of. I will pack and put my suitcases into the car so I can be up on Thursday at 3:45 am to be at the airport by 4:30 for a 6 am flight. Ugh!! But my sisters will be at the other end 🙂 And I will make sure my home is in good general order so my family will find it easy to keep my home in order.
The garage is now on hold until I get back from Michigan.
I will post as I am able but my priority is spending time with my family.
Love, love, love,

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