Good Morning, Lovelies!
Yesterday I mowed all the lawns–front, side, and back. This morning I am taking a walk around the house with the weedeater to trim a few areas I haven’t gotten to yet. I have begged my son to make sure my plants are watered regularly and my sweet neighbor, Pam, is on back up duty. My home is the view from her front porch so she is motivated. 😉
Today is Wednesday-Desk Day-and I will be going through all my paperwork to make sure nothing needs attention for the next two weeks.
I will be packing and putting what I can in the car so tomorrow at 4 am my son can drive me to the airport for a 6 am takeoff and I will see at least some of my sisters by around 10 am. I am so excited.
I am also excited that my youngest sister, Lori, has asked me to help organize her kitchen and is willing to let me share the process. Yay!
I am posting the Overview for the remainder of the month. Knowing what you want to get done and when is almost half the challenge.
I am also posting the August Calendar.
Yesterday I made cards with friends and tonight is Bonco. I have been part of the Bonco group for almost 25 years. Friends are the spice of life and I have some really great friends.
Have a great day and keep me and my travels in your prayers.
Love, love, love,


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