I shared how I came to Christ in another group and wanted to share it here also: This is my story: I grew up Catholic. This is not a criticism of a particular denomination-I was religious but I did not have a genuine relationship with Yeshua. Being a particular denomination may or may not mean you have a relationship with God. In 1969 I dated a Baptist boy and he told me about salvation in Jesus Christ. That sounded good to me, if I accepted Christ as my savior I would not go to hell, so I bought in to Jesus Christ as fire insurance. For years I played the game of “Look the other way, God, I am going to do what I want because I know you will forgive me.” I hurt others and I hurt myself. I married, had a lovely daughter, divorced, and remarried and had two more lovely daughters but I was still the god of my own life. When my second marriage began to fall apart and my life was pretty much in shambles the moment came. I was standing at my kitchen sink on October 1, 1979 and I said, “I don’t even know if you are real, God, but if you can change me and change my marriage, you have me.” From that moment on things began to change. I fell in love with the Bible, it became rich and full to me. I found friends who were believers and we grew in life together. Have I had struggles and disappointments? Oh. yes, but it was not with flesh and blood but with the powers against God and people and organizations were simply acting under the enemies direction pretty much unknowingly. I remember at one time hearing Yeshua’s voice asking if I wanted to quit, to give up, to walk away from my faith, and then I heard Peter’s words in my heart, “Where would we go, Lord, You alone have the words of life. I may fail Yeshua but He will never fail me and I love Him. My life, my successes, my failures are His and I am His to do with as He likes. When I am offended, hurt, dishonored, broken, I can give it as a sacrifice to Him and take the next breath, make the next step. He is life and love to me. And that’s my story.


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