Good Morning, Lovelies!
Years ago I helped a dear friend clean out her parents’ home after their deaths. It was a lovely, clean, and orderly home but it was cluttered. I cleaned out the bathroom. It was full of expired prescriptions, excess toiletries, and other items that had occupied shelf and cabinet space for years.
Then a really neat home came on the market. It was a duplex connected through a door in a closet. It was practically a magical place. Every closet, drawer, and shelf was packed with stuff—stuff that had not been touched in years. Clothes that were unworn. Books that were unread. Kitchen dishes, flatware, cooking utensils and more that were unused and unneeded. A loft in the garage/workshop that was full of lovely furniture that would be destroyed by the heat and humidity over time. We did not buy the houses probably because of the clutter. When a place is overloaded with someone else’s stuff, it is hard to picture yourself there.
It was at that point in time that my urge to purge truly blossomed. It is a challenge that never goes away because the contents of our home break, wear out, and are added to. If we do not consciously let go of things that are unloved, unneeded, unused, and just plain trash our homes will accumulate stuff our children will unhappily have to deal with someday.
I have tried to develop the habit of letting go of something when I bring something new into my home. One in—one out. I still have more stuff than I need. Our lives change and it is a challenge to let go of things that were once part of our lives. We have to be deliberate. Each time I work through my home I let a little more go. I have been doing this for close to 40 years and believe me, my home is not barren. When I get home I admit I am daunted by the garage that my sweet husband stowed stuff in for years. I know that it will take time and that there are memories connected to much of the stuff in the garage but I do not want to have my children or strangers to have to deal with it in the future so I will move through the garage, then the attic, and then begin again at my front door and work through my home again. My boondoggles are my books, papers (Bible Study notes), and craft supplies. I am a book nut and I have stocked more than one library over the years. Confession: I enjoy doing crafts but have not had time for them in the last couple of years so I will soon have to choose to use lots of great stuff or lose it by selling or donating it.
I am thoroughly enjoying being with my sister Lori and seeing nieces and nephews. Virginia may lose me to Michigan in the next several years—I do not mind the snow in the winter and the summers are lovely, as are fall and spring. I miss my sisters after all these years of being away. But for now I still have things to do in Virginia.
Love, love, love,


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