Good Morning. Lovelies!
When I arrived home on Thursday the grass had grown, the weeds had the nerve to do the same thing, too. The towels had all disappeared from the linen closets and the dust and dirt of two weeks had made its way into the house. Mail had kept being delivered, too. Didn’t they all know I was on vacation??!!
Today is my 68th birthday and I wanted to not spend the day cleaning house and doing laundry so I did it all yesterday. It was a marathon but because of the habits developed over the years I was able to put everything back into order. It feels so good.
I used my basic plan outlined in Digging Out – Steps to Fast Clean-Up which is under the Files tab for this group. I kept the TV off and avoided my phone. I did take some breaks to play with Liam but by dinnertime the house and yard were in much better shape with some things deferred to their “day”
After a quick sort and a lot going into the trash the paperwork is deferred to Wednesday–Desk Day and the floors are deferred to Thursday–Floor Day. By bedtime the last of the laundry was folded and put away. This morning I woke up to time for my Happy Hour (Quiet Time) and a few errands.
I have also started making an effort to see things that have made their home where they don’t belong. One of the dogs is gone but her bowl and water reservoir were still on the back deck. I washed them both and put the water reservoir on the corner of the front porch for Maggie. We become clutter blind after a while and don’t see things that are accumulating without purpose throughout our home. Only by intentionally looking at each surface, corner and area can we see where the Clutter Monsters have taken up residence and defeat them. They keep coming back but I keep kicking them out. I don’t want my children to have to deal with them when I am gone so I keep up the battle. 😉
Well, sweet sisters in the fight to have functional and pleasant places for ourselves and our loved ones, have a glorious Sonshiney day , even if the skies are cloudy.
Love, love, love,

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