An Overview of My Plan


Beginning in the late 1970’s I began to read everything I could find on Home Organization and Time Management. I found certain ideas and principles repeated from author to author and my plan gradually took shape. I spoke with one of my friends and told her I would put together a new post with all the elements of my plan in one place. This is basically a skeleton. I have written more about each element in my daily posts and blog.

Daily Focus

The tasks that need to be done each week are divided between the days of the week.

·         Sunday is Family Worship and Planning Day—Worship as a Family and Coordinate Your Calendar for the week and coming weeks

·         Monday Launch Your Week—Put Your Home in Order after the Weekend and Clean the Toilets

·         Tuesday Is Duster Dance Day—Dust Your Home

·         Wednesday Is Desk Day—Deal with Bills and Paperwork

·         Thursday Is Floor Day—Clean Your Floors

·         Friday Is Wrap Up Your Week Day—Clean Out Your Car, Clean Out Your Purse, and Put Your Home in Order for the Weekend

·         Saturday Is Family Fun Day—Work or Play as a Family


Areas of Focus

Each area of your home gets close attention one week each month.

The Gathering Areas                       1st-7th                               The Living Room, Family Room, Den, or TV Room

The Kitchen                                        8th-14th 

The Master Bedroom                     15th-21st                This Includes the Closet and Attached Bathroom

The Welcome Areas                        22nd-28th               The Front Porch, Entry and Dining Room

The Family Bathroom                     29th – End of the Month

Other Weekly Activities

·         When is your trash collected? Check your fridge for things that area about to become science experiments. Discard them, and put out the trash the night before

·         When is the recycling collected. Prepare and put out the recycling the night before


The Bones of the Day

Begin your day the night before:

·         Do lunches need to be packed? Pack lunches

·         What’s for breakfast? Set the table and put out anything that does not need refrigeration

·         What’s for dinner tomorrow? Does anything need to be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator? Making a decision about dinner the night before is especially important if you work outside the house

·         Is the house in order? Walk through your home and put it in order

·         Take out the trash

In the morning:

·         Make your bed

·         Personal grooming

·         Quiet Time

·         Start a load of laundry and keep it moving all the way to put away

·         If you are at home –take care of your daily tasks and special projects. If you school at home everyone can be involved before you sit down with the books. Caring for your home is both a family and learning activity

In the afternoon

·         Take cleanup breaks throughout the day to keep the amount of toys and other things that are out from being overwhelming.

·         Plan a healthy lunch and healthy snacks at set times

·         Put your home in order again before dinner

·         Move to your evening routine

The Laundry

Each morning, I check to see if there is a load of laundry (or two). I sort primarily by lights and darks. If there is a lot of laundry I sort by color and weight (such as jeans, towels, and delicates would be washed each in their own load). I make a point of keeping the laundry moving, often using my cell phone to time the loads. I make sure that laundry is put away. If you simply put clothes on their beds the clothes may end up on the floor and back into  the laundry without being  worn. In the beginning with very small children, open the drawer, hand the item to your child, point to where the item goes, and let them place it in the drawer. As they become more skilled and responsible they can increasingly do the task independently but inspect, don’t expect. Roy usually worked full time and much of the time I was an at home wife and mom, so I took care of his clothes. It was part of my caring for him. Your work with your children is teaching them to become skilled and independent in the tasks of regular life.



Set an example. Do not expect your children to do or be what you are not. This includes

Having a relationship with God

Worshipping God in private and as a family

Taking care of yourself

Dressing modestly and appropriately

Speaking well and using appropriate language

Telling the truth

Knowing the difference between right and wrong

Caring for your home including picking up after yourself

Being kind

Not gossiping or saying cruel or critical things about others

Being aware of current events

Being aware of how the government works. Be informed and vote.

Praying for our leaders both in church and in all levels of government

Showing respect for others

Showing respect for authorities including police officers

Driving well and obeying traffic rules

Arriving on time

Do you want your children to be smokers and drinkers?

Be wise in the use of alcohol, if you use it. Don’t smoke.

What qualities do you admire in others that you would like to emulate?

What else should we be modeling for our children?Our Home


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