I shared this in another group and then marypaitsel-august-29-2016it with you:
Good Morning, Lovelies!
Years ago when I was a young Christian, I read a book by Merlyn Carothers named “Power in Praise.” It talked about what happens when we take our eyes off the situation, place them firmly on our Father and begin the praise Him for the answers even before we see them. We have a Father who loves us. As we trust Him and trust in that love, it allows Him to work in us and in our situation. Our Father has given us free will, even if that will chooses to reject Him and His salvation. I choose today to trust Him and that He is working in my best interest and in the interests of others both in and through my life. We cannot live in rebellion toward God and His way and then blame Him for the results so let’s praise Him today, right now!
Love, love, love,

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