Good Morning, Lovelies!

After being out of commission on Wednesday, while still feeling less than 100% :

I made my list

Had a good general plan for today

!!!Pulled it all back together!!!

This morning I had no idea how I would get it all done, but I did! If I had let the discouragement that I felt before I started keep me on the couch I would still be sitting in the middle of a mess. Instead, my house is clean, the laundry is done, I fixed Chicken Marsala for dinner (it was easy!)

I have a plan for today. The one thing I must do is prepare funeral potatoes, a Utah favorite, for dinner with friends tonight. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will again attempt to conquer the garage. I will keep trying until that disaster area that is the garage is subdued and put into order. If you know what direction you hope to go in you are much more likely to get there. Decide where you are going and then go for it. Even if you don’t get it all done you will be at least the smallest bit closer.

While I was in Michigan I offered to do any ironing that my sister had. She declined, explaining that she uses a steamer. She assured me that they really do work. I ordered a Rowenta Steamer and when it arrived my first effort was less than stellar. I went onto YouTube and watched several videos on how to steam different types of garments. The Fridja Professional School videos were very effective. After watching the videos, I pulled a few items that were ready to be ironed out of my closet and tried again with much better results. I did use a wrinkle release spray on one top and that improved the results.

I will still use my regular iron and ironing board for some things but the steamer improved the appearance of a coat that I would have taken to the dry cleaners and removed some stubborn creases from a delicate fabric that I was concerned about ironing.

Coming soon—Using steam to clean around the house. It works! It sanitizes!

Have a great day and a great weekend,

Love, love, love,



One thought on “Reporting In–Moving Forward When Under the Weather

  1. Thanks Mary….just read your post. I have a “small” steamer but didn’t consider using it for regular ironing. I only have a few things I have to iron any more, but always a pain to pull out the ironing board and iron. Is the one you got big? See you tonight. Have a successful day! I plan to work in my closet a bit as well!

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