Good Morning, Lovelies!

This morning I mentioned a morning routine. I wanted to mention an evening routine. To me the concept is beginning the day the night before. I found this in Genesis. The Hebrew day begins at about 6 o’clock in the evening. The idea is to do things the night before that will help you begin your day with less chaos. What can I do tonight to make tomorrow morning easier?

·         I can lay out my clothes and make sure they are clean and in good repair. It is nice to have a valet hook to hang your clothes for tomorrow. Gathering your undies, shoes, and clothes appropriate for your plans for tomorrow also give you time to pull together an outfit you will good about wearing.

·         I can make sure my children have made their clothing choices for tomorrow. This helps avoid endless angst for lots of kids. Their clothes are ready and waiting—no missing shoes, no not being able to find something at the last minute.

·         I can walk through my home and make sure it is in order.

·         I can encourage my children to make sure their room is in order before they go to bed.

·         I can make sure that anything that needs to go out the door with any family member is ready and waiting—keys, purses, wallets, backpacks with notes signed, homework done, any needed money readily accessible.

·         I can make sure there is a plan for breakfast.

·         If I work outside the home I can make sure I know what is for dinner tomorrow and move any items from the freezer to the fridge.

·         I can make sure the trash, especially trash that holds any food that has a strong odor, or diapers, is taken out.

So we all know what we are wearing, we all have what we need to get out the door, and the house is in good general order. There is also a plan for breakfast and dinner. If you are at home the dinner decision can be made in the morning but don’t wait until the last minute and then settle for take out.

Have a great day!

Love, love, love,




3 thoughts on “Beginning the Day the Night Before

  1. I always try to get things together for the next day. Like tonight I got everything together for Bible study, materials, DVD, snacks, coffee, cups, handouts and of course a Bible (IPad) and my workbook. Shower taken and hair washed. Clothes laid out for the morning and even a load of towels in the washer for 6:30AM that will be ready for the dryer when I get up! It really does help to be organized. I have been deciding what I am going to wear the next day for a long time, especially on Saturday night so I can get dressed quickly on Sunday when we “tend to be late”! See you tomorrow…

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