Good Morning, Lovelies!
Today is Friday, the first of September. The Area(s) of Focus from today until next Thursday is The Gathering Space(s) of your home–The Living Room, Great Room, Family Room, Den, or TV Room. Spend a few minutes in those rooms each day getting rid of clutter, bringing order, or deep cleaning.
Fridays tasks each week are
Cleaning out our car.
Cleaning out our purse, backpack, computer bag, diaper bag or whatever we carry with us when we go out the door.
Putting our home in order for the weekend.
Saturday is Family Day–work or play as a family.
Sunday is for worship and planning. Make sure you coordinate your family activities and that includes making sure that appropriate clothes, materials, and refreshments are available for those activities. Make sure that transportation is available for activities, too. Keep your calendar up to date and enter the dates from the school calendar and any other activities on your calendar now or as soon as you get them to avoid last minute chaos.
Monday is a holiday but Monday’s task is simply cleaning your toilets. That task does not have to take any more than minutes.
As we change routines from summer to school year I hope to walk you through the week’s and day’s activities for the next month.

Love, love, love,



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