Good Morning, Lovelies,

Today is Saturday, September 2, 2017. Saturday is Family Day. A day for the family to work or play together.
If the day is a work day, plan a simple reward—make your own mini-pizza, a family movie night at home, make your own banana split or sundae, a game night. Make work fun. Work doesn’t have to be miserable. Play upbeat music. Laugh and play as you work. Encourage and instruct. Avoid harsh criticism. Set a timer and race the timer to see how much you can get done before it chimes.

If you learn to work as you go, your house will stay cleaner and the work will be easier.

Having totes and baskets placed near doorways and traffic areas in my home makes it easy to stow things that need to move from one area to another. The key is to remember to check them and clear and clean them out regularly. I have a stair step basket. I put anything that needs to go upstairs in that basket. I almost always check the basket on my way upstairs, take whatever is in the basket upstairs and put it away. I have a desk at the top of the stairs. Anything that needs to go downstairs goes on or under the desk. I take whatever is on the desk downstairs when I go down and put it away.

I have a tote next to my front door. Anything that needs to be returned, anything that belongs to someone who does not live in the house, or anything connected to business to be taken care of outside the home goes in the tote. I check it on the way out the door, especially when I am running errands. Above it is an organizer for our keys and mail. Any mail for anyone else in the family goes in the organizer, my mail goes to my desk to be opened and dealt with. I have a tote in my trunk that holds a poncho, emergency kit, tissues, and a jacket. When I take part in a study or an activity, I set up a tote to go out the door with me. When I have finished the study or the activity, I clean out the tote and return the contents to the appropriate places in my home. I keep my out of use totes in the back corner of my closet. I know where to go when I need a tote for anything.

If you have any totes, baskets or bags that you once used but no longer do—like a maybe a diaper bag— make a point to clean it out this week and put the items away in your home, donate them, or toss them if you will never need them again. Have a great Sonshiney day, even if the sun is not shining,

Love, love, love,


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