Good Morning, Lovelies,

Today is Sunday, September 3rd. Sunday is for worship and planning.

I remember a sermon more than 30 years ago at First United Methodist in Hartselle, Alabama when our pastor, Clark Pope, spoke about worship being “worth” ship- recognizing the unsurpassable worth of our very great God. Worship is not about us or what we get out of it-it’s about Him. Taking time to consider and praise the One who is greater than all has value and will bear fruit in us in ways too numerous to mention but it is not about us, but again, it is about Him. If you have let go of Gathering with friends and family for worship, I urge you to make it central to Sunday. I am sorry that it may be the only day that you can sleep in or you think you need to take part in Sunday sports activities so your child can get a sports scholarship to college, your actions and choices speak volumes to your children. Why not put God first and trust Him to help you find times of refreshing and rest? Why not trust God with your children’s futures and find teams or activities that don’t play or practice on Sunday? Something much more important is at stake here-in your life and in the life of your family. Reserve Sunday morning to joyously worship together.

Karen Burton Mains wrote a lovely book called Making Sunday Special. In it she spoke about traveling in Israel with a group of observant Jews. They would be in Jerusalem for Shabbat- the sabbath- their day of worship. She spoke of how for them their day of worship was the crown of their week. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday they prepared for the Sabbath, their day of worship. On Saturday everything was set aside for their day of worship, the day was centered on worship. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, they remembered their day of worship. It was not a thing in their calendar to be checked off, it was a joyous celebration of love and appreciation. Could we find that again?


Taking time on Sunday to sync the family calendars can be almost a weekly family party. Sunday could be a family pizza night when you bring out the calendar and make sure everyone knows where everybody has to be during the week and what they will need for those activities. Is there a band concert on Tuesday night that someone needs to be at in a white shirt, tie, dark pants, and dark shoes? It’s better to know on Sunday afternoon than at 6:00 on Tuesday when they need to be there at 6:30. Is it your turn to bring refreshments to the soccer game on Thursday evening? Again, it is better to know on Sunday afternoon than on Thursday on the way to the game. The choices that crowd your calendar are your choices. Choose carefully. Preserve some down time for yourself and for your family. You don’t have to do it all.

Well, sweet friends, I am finished meddling for today. Big time.

Tomorrow, Monday, is Labor Day. How do you take a day off and still stay on track to get it all done?

Love, love, love,



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