Good Morning, Lovelies!

Today is Monday, September 4, 2017. Each Monday put your home back in order after the weekend and clean your toilets. While you are in the bathrooms cleaning your toilets, check to see if you are about to run out of anything you use in the bathroom: personal, paper, or cleaning.

Today is also a holiday—Labor Day—and for many of us the last day before our children go back to school. Take time to do your routines and daily tasks. Monday’s tasks are cleaning your toilet and putting your home back in order after the weekend. Cleaning your toilets and putting the house back in order does not have to take much time. Don’t make your tasks a career. Get them done so you can move on to other things. Even if you don’t have plans you don’t know what will emerge—that is why they are called emergencies. Get up. Get it done. You will have time for fun, for other tasks, and, again, emergencies. 

On holidays remember why the holiday was created and what you are celebrating. When we forget why, we lose. Take time to know and then to share with your children why we celebrate and what we are to remember. Parties, BBQ’s, and parades, long weekends, are the ways we celebrate. Let’s remember why. Have fun, but always remember why and remember that none of us are perfect. We are applying today’s standards backward to another time when the culture and values were different.  We always need to give the people in our lives, the people in our past, and even historical figures the mercy and grace that we ourselves desire. Let’s not try to erase history and let’s just try to understand the rights and wrongs we imperfect people create.

The Areas of Focus from the 1st to the 7th are the Gathering Areas—The Living Room, Family Room, TV Room, Great Room, or other areas (other than the kitchen) where family and friends gather.

Have you defined what you do in this/these areas? Do you visit with friends and family? Do you read, watch TV, play games?

Is the furniture arranged in a way that makes it easy for the activities in that area to take place?

Does each piece of furniture, and every item in the room have a purpose? Purpose is based on functionality and beauty. Each item in an area should be useful or beautiful—if the item is both that makes is wonderful. Keep what you need and get rid of excess. Too much stuff gives you more to clean and makes an area seem smaller—and cluttered.

Take time during the 6 days in those areas, (Sunday is the day of rest) to declutter, put in order, and clean. Take between 10 and 30 minutes each day in the Areas. In this way, each area in your home will get attention in the course of a month.  After you have gotten an area to where it doesn’t need as much attention, take time to keep it in order (maintain). Then, there are other rooms to give your attention to—like the office, the laundry, the attic, the garage. I have been amazed at how easy it is to clean an area that has been decluttered and put in order (organized). If the room needs to be dusted and vacuumed, it still appears clean when it is orderly and low in clutter.

Have a great last day of summer, get ready for tomorrow, and enjoy your family and friends,

Love, love, love,



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