Hello, Lovelies!

It is Tuesday afternoon but I will be on an airplane on my way to Ohio in the morning so I am posting now.

Walking through September

Wednesday, September 6, 2017—Wednesday is Desk Day. Take time to put your paperwork in order and take care of personal and family business.

I keep an Action File

In that Action File are files labeled:

To Do

To Pay

To Read

To File

I also have a Current File for papers that I have taken action on but have not fully resolved.

As I open my mail each day next to the wastebasket, I put papers that I need to keep and act on in the appropriate folder in The Action File,

On Wednesday I check the files and make sure that everything is up to date.

I have 12 files labeled with the months of the year. At the end of the month, I go through the papers in that months file and toss any unneeded receipts and bills. I then place the file at the back of this section of my Action File after putting the papers (receipts, bills) in a manila envelope. I keep the papers by quarter: Jan/Feb/Mar; Apr/May/Jun; Jul/Aug/Sep; and Oct/Nov/Dec.

I also have Tax Files labeled by category:






Any papers that I will need to support my tax return go into the appropriate file. In this way, when it is time to prepare my tax return the papers are already in the right place and I do not have to search for them. I have auto ship on Turbo Tax. As soon as I have received the W2’s from everyone I am ready to go.

Today (Wednesday) and Thursday are the last two days in the Gathering Room. Wo1hat tasks do you need to do to make those rooms a functional and pleasant place to be? You may not have to do everything on the cleaning but you do have to decide what you will do and when.

My Cleaning Checklist for the Gathering Spaces

(Living Room/Family Room/TV Room/Den)

  • Have you cleaned cobwebs? (M)
  • Have you cleaned the light fixtures? (M)
  • Have you cleaned windows? (M)
  • Have you cleaned the window treatments? (EOM)
  • Have you cleaned any marks and fingerprints from walls and woodwork? (M)
  • Have you cleaned decorative items? (M)
  • Have you cleaned out the fireplace? (as needed or seasonally)
  • Have you cleaned out the end tables? (M)
  • Have you straightened the bookcases/entertainment center?(M)
  • Have you dusted the lamp shades? (M)
  • Have you polished the furniture? (M) Have you dusted? (W)
  • Have you culled out dated magazines and catalogs from magazine basket or rack? (M)
  • Have
    File Box for My ACTION FILES

    you cleaned the phone(s)?(M)

  • Have you vacuumed the traffic areas? (W)
  • Have you vacuumed under, around and behind furniture and drapes? (M)
  • Have you shampooed the carpets? (S)


Have a lovely day and pray for me for safe travels and a safe family at home.


Love, love, love,



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