Good Morning, Lovelies!,

Today is Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Tuesday is Duster Dance Day. Our Area of Focus through Thursday is our Gathering Areas—Living Room, Family Room, Den, Great Room, TV Room.

·         Do your daily must do’s:

·         Bed made

·         Nutritious meals prepared and shared

·         Dishes done

·         Trash out

·         House in good general order.

·         Laundry done as there is a full load.

Spend 15 to 30 minutes working in your Area of Focus (5 to 10 will make a difference, if that is all you have) Declutter, put in order (organize), and clean.

Many of us do not love dusting. Let’s make it fun. In fact, let’s enlist our mini-assistants in this and other tasks and NOT tell them that it’s work, that it is not fun.

·         Put on happy music

·         Make sure you have the right tools. Some things only move dust around. I like an ostrich feather dusters, lambswool dusters, Swiffers, and even a lightly dampened microfiber cloth. Chicken feather dusters do not work. If you have one walk directly to a wastebasket and drop it in.

·         Have your mini-assistants dust baseboards, furniture legs, and low places unless they are taller than you.

·         Start high and work your way down, otherwise you are knocking dust down onto areas you have dusted.

·         Laugh and play as you work with your family. Work is only as miserable as you make it. Unless it smells really bad. 😉

Today I am packing for a trip. I am going on a women’s leadership training Boot Camp. I hope to post each day but we will see what happens.

·         My clothes are clean and in my closet and drawers so I just need to select the clothes I need for 4 days—the clothes I will wear tomorrow and clothes for each day including church on Sunday—and

·         My toiletries are where they are supposed to be.

·         All I have to do is put them into my packing cubes and into my suitcase. I like packing cubes because I can simply take them out of my suitcase and put them in drawers when I arrive. Then, take them out of the drawers and replace them in my suitcase for the trip home.

·         I like the travel hack of placing jewelry between to pieces of Press and Seal to keep the chains from tangling.

Today I need to make sure my home is in order and that my son and grandson have all they need for the next several days. I do not like to come home to a messy house or dead plants.

I will try to post this evening for tomorrow because my flight is at 6 am so I need to leave the house at about 4 am.

Keep me in your prayers as I travel.

Love, love, love,



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