Good Morning, Lovelies!

It is Thursday the 7th of September. The 7th is the last day with the Gathering Areas as the Area of Focus. Thursday is Floor Day

On Floor Day, sweep, vacuum and/or mop all your hard floors. Vacuum the carpets in the traffic areas in your home. In the Area of Focus for this week—The Gathering Spaces—do a thorough job of vacuuming.

Vacuum the:

Ceiling fan


Upholstered furniture including under the cushions

Under, behind, and around all furniture.

And of course, all rugs and carpets.

As you finish in your Gathering Spaces for the month consider what each area is used for. I have a tray that can be used on the ottoman for cups of tea or glasses of ice water but usually it sits on the table behind the couch. Have a place for your remotes to live. Mine are still occasionally misplaced but I know where they are supposed to be and so does everyone else.

In the Gathering Spaces, I like to have plenty of blankets and throws. It is nice to have something to throw over your lap or shoulders if you feel cold while watching TV or reading. Picture early morning with a steaming mug of tea (or coffee), the fire place lending a glow to the room and beginning your day, setting your heart by reading your Bible with a shawl around your shoulders. It doesn’t have to be a picture, it can be real. Start thinking of what you want in your life and then set the stage for your life and the lives of each member of your family in your home.

Tomorrow is Friday the 8th and we will move on to the Kitchen. Finish in the Gathering Areas today and use the Kitchen Cleaning Checklist to decide on a plan to work through the tasks over the next several days.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Are there any cobwebs? (M)
  • Are the light fixtures and ceiling fan clean? (M)
  • Are the windows and window treatments clean? (M)
  • Is your refrigerator clean —inside and outside? (M) Are there fingerprints? (as needed) Are you using leftovers? (D) Do any items need to be tossed? (M)
  • Is your freezer clean? (M) Are there any foods that need to be used before they go out of date? (M)
  • Is your microwave clean inside and out? (M or as needed)
  • Are your stove top and oven clean? (M or as needed)
  • Are your drip pans or grates clean? Do they need to be replaced? (M)
  • Is the stove hood and filter clean? (M)
  • Are canisters and decorative items clean? (M)
  • Are there fingerprints or other marks on walls, window sills and woodwork? (M)
  • Are doors and door frames free of marks? (M)
  • Are baseboards clean? (M)
  • Are cabinet fronts clean? (M)
  • Do your cabinets need to be put in order? (M)
  • Is your under-sink cabinet clean and in order? (M)
  • Are your countertops clean and sanitized? (D)
  • Is your sink clean and sanitized? (D)
  • Are your floors swept? (D)
  • Do your floors need to be mopped? (W or as needed)
  • Are the dishes done and put away (D) Is the dishwasher empty? (D)

I am richly enjoying Boot Camp. I wish so much all of you could be with me. In one evening with Nina, and Debbie, and all the other precious friend and incredible women at Greater Impact Ministries ( I became aware of what it means to be in the moment. We are numbing ourselves with media and living distracted lives. I know of more than a few changes I can make to live my life savoring the beauty God has placed us among and appreciating the people in my life in a completely different way.

The transparency and openness in the way they share is inspiring to say the very least. Nina and Debbie have both been corporate trainers and bring these skills to us. We are actually learning some of the skills that hostage negotiators use to adapt for use in our homes.

Well, sweet friends, it’s time for me to start my day. I pray that you will be blessed in all ways and that you will be alive to the life God has given you as He has given you all thing richly to enjoy. I pray that you find joy in the moment even in the midst oIMG_0001f pain and loss. Live joyfully and love deeply.

Love, love, love,



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