Good Morning, Lovelies!

It is Monday, September 11, 2017. Another day to remember the selfless service of our military and first responders—Police, Fire, EMT’s and medical personnel that all step up in any and all emergencies. It is also a day to remember that our country has enemies and we need to guard the freedom that so many have struggled, and given life and limb for. Never forget!

The Area of Focus through Thursday is the Kitchen. As you work in your kitchen try to keep the front 2/3 of your counters clear of appliances that are not in use and décor. Reserve this space as a work surface. Clutter can get in the way of food preparation. Remember the C for your kitchen is cooking not clutter.

Each Monday, clean your toilets. I put toilet bowl cleaner in my toilet while I take care of my skin and hair and let it work. Then I brush and flush the toilets. In the bathrooms other than my en suite, I put bowl cleaner in the toilets, straighten anything that needs straightening in the room, then brush and flush. Also take a moment to check your bathroom to see what you will be needing—paper, personal care, or cleaning products and add these items to your shopping list.

Also on Mondays, take an opportunity on Monday to put your home back into good general order after the weekend.

Tomorrow—Tuesday is Duster Dance Day and the Area of Focus is the Kitchen through Thursday.

I was in Milford, Ohio from Wednesday through Sunday, for a Women’s Leadership Conference from Greater Impact Ministries ( I learned more about myself in one session than I have from any other source. I also learned how to deal with discouragement when I am in the pit. I did not meet a woman that I did not love, love, love. Last year I was there just as a participant, this year I was there as Staff as a Mentor and Admin on the Strength and Dignity Online course. This ministry is incredible because it is made up of incredible women.

I wanted to mention that I heard a woman on TV say in relation to one of recent disasters that she was told she had 10 minutes to evacuate, and what can you grab in 10 minutes. Take time to make a list now of what you would want to take if there is a disaster—fire, flood, hurricane, or whatever. Don’t forget medications, documents, and items like diapers and formula that might be hard to find in an emergency situation. I keep my important papers in a lockbox by my front door. I can grab the folders and go in an emergency. After making the list, post it or keep it somewhere where you will be able to access it when your brain freezes when chaos erupts and you have to leave quickly. Prioritize.

Love, love, love,



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