Good morning, Lovelies,

It is Tuesday, September 12, 2017. The Area of Focus is The Kitchen.  Today is Duster Dance Day! Whatever work you do, make it as fun as you can for yourself and your mini-assistants.

So today Dust and spend between 15 and 30 minutes (more if you REALLY want to!) in the kitchen—get rid of excess (declutter), put in order (organize), and clean. In the kitchen this time is beyond the time you spend in meal preparation and cleanup.


make your bed,

 pick up after yourself and gently remind others to pick up after themselves,

keep the dishes done

do one or more loads of laundry if needed

take out the trash

These daily tasks can be shared and/or delegated. Families are teams that work together.

Much of the time we look at all that needs to be done and immediately feel defeated. Do the next small thing. And then do another small thing. Consistent, persistent effort will bring fruit and change. When things slide backward, get up and push forward again.

I have mentioned Charlie, the man I have been dating for the past several months. We have mutually agreed that we are no longer seeing each other. I have a lot of peace. I had been praying and it seems that God has other plans for each of us. I wish him well. I really am fine! I sense God leading me into a new season in my life. Pray that I will clearly know and understand what it is.

Do you want me to share the Cleaning Checklist each day for the Area of Focus or is posting it when the Area changes and at the beginning of a new week enough? What works for you?

Have a glorious day looking for the best in every person and every situation.

Love, love, love,





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