Good Morning, Lovelies,

As we walk through September day by day, today is Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Our Area of Focus today and tomorrow is the kitchen. Beginning on Friday our Bedroom, Attached or En Suite Bathroom and Closet becomes our Area of Focus from the 15th to Thursday the 21st.

Wednesday is Desk Day. I find that when I am away from home my Desk really suffers when I get home. I open mail immediately to make sure nothing that needs immediate attention is overlooked. Everything goes on my desk and my desk does not look as I would like it to look. I will be sorting through my basket, putting papers in order, and dealing with related issues.

On Saturday, I will begin the Whole Life Challenge. (September 16 to November 10) It involves nutrition, exercise, sleep, drinking water, journaling and accepting challenges related to enriching our lives. I have begun to get ready for the challenge by drinking more water (body weight divided by three = oz. per day), beginning to prepare for sleep earlier with personal grooming, soft music, no computer, and turning off all light and the television.

There is a clock app on my iPhone. It has a bedtime component that I had not noticed. If I tell it when I need to wake up and the number of hours of sleep I want to have (7.5 to 9), it tells me what time I need to go to sleep and allows me to be reminded of when to begin to prepare to go to sleep. I love it.

I also have checked my kitchen to get rid of temptation. The challenge has three levels of nutrition challenges:

Kickstart (easy peasy)

Lifestyle (reasonable)

Performance (tough)

I am doing Lifestyle which is close to regular Whole 30. Performance is Whole 30 on steroids.

I used Kroger Clicklist to do my shopping for the week to stay out of the store and avoid temptation. When I do go into a grocery store I will be going into the produce and meat departments and avoiding everything else but the cleaning and plastic aisles. I like clicklist because I can shop and compare from home, pay a $4.95 and have them load the groceries in my car.  To this point I have been satisfied with the produce and meat they have selected. You can use coupons and they will make substitutions at no additional charge if the item is not available. You can accept or reject the substitutions.

I have also begun to try to increase my water intake. They suggest instead of just sipping all day to drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. I measured how much water my water bottle holds and I am ready to be mindful.

Each day we are to check off each area for points and we earn rewards like days off and other things I am not sure of yet. I know I will be sharing here also.

Well time to fix breakfast. I am a little late because we dropped my son’s car off at the dealership this morning. Have a glorious day and keep going. A little at a time will get you there.

Love, love, love,

Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.



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