Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hello, Lovely!

Wednesday is Desk Day! Each Wednesday take time to go through your Action File and:

·         Pay your bills (To Pay File)

·         Make sure that all To Do events are on your calendar and that you have RSVP’d (To Do File)

·         Are the items in your To Read File things you really want to take the time to Read—Take a durable file of To Read items with you to read while you are waiting in your car– for a child you are waiting to pick up, in a waiting room, or whenever you find yourself with empty (rare) moments

·         Review your Current File and take any needed actions

·         File the items in your To File folder IF you will need to refer to them again in the future, if not, file them in your waste basket

The Area of Focus this week is the Welcoming Area –your Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room.

·         Declutter

·         Put in Order (organize)

·         Clean

·         Make lovely or fun—depending on the space.

Thursday is Floor Day

Have a wonderful day!

Love, love, love,

File Box for My ACTION FILES



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