If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

My planner
My planner–I take a wire bound notebook that I like. I write the day of the week and the date in the left column with two spaces in between. That gives four lines to each day. I make a column on the right had side of the paper where I list things I need to do. At the bottom of the page I have space for items I need to buy, and calls I need to make. This allows me to think on paper.

Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Get your family together, get out the calendar and coordinate activities. First for this week, then get everything on the calendar for the weeks coming up so you don’t schedule more than one event on the same day at about the same time. Block off the entire time period. Do this for work commitments, school activities, lessons, and all activities for every member of your family. Then make note if any special clothing, food, or other things are needed for those events. There’s nothing like finding the white shirt and dark pants your child needs for that evening’s concert wadded up in the bottom of a hamper less than half an hour before they need to be there or arriving at the sports field only to find out that you are responsible for snacks that day. And why does it always seem we find out that it was picture day on that one day we sent them out the door somewhat less than well groomed?