Today is Wednesday the 7th Day of January 2015— Desk Day, Action Files, and How Do I Change?

Area of Focus: Last Day in Your Living Room/Family Room. Tomorrow through the 14th is The Kitchen

My Desk
My Desk

Wednesday is Desk Day

Each Wednesday:

  • Take care of any personal/family business. Are there any emails, cards, or notes you need to send? Are there any phone calls you need to make?
  • Pay Bills
  • File—Filing is simply storing any papers you will actually need in a way so that you can locate them when you need them. If you will never again need a piece of paper, toss it.

Do you have an Action File?

An ACTION FILE is a place for you to handle the papers that come into your home. The basic categories are:

My File Box for My ACTION FILES
My File Box for My ACTION FILES

To Do

(Enter on your calendar when the papers come into your home)

  • To Pay

(Prepare to pay on Desk Day)

  • To Read
  • (Anything you want to take time to read, I have a basket for my magazines but anything I want to take time to read goes in here. Make it a durable material so you can grab it and take it with you anywhere you will be waiting)
  • To File

(File on Desk Day)

I also have a file for each month of the year where I put receipts for that month. At this moment I have an envelope in the drawer next to my chair labeled Christmas—all our Christmas receipts will go into that envelope but every receipt I may need goes into the monthly folder. Unless you are tracking fast food spending you probably don’t need fast food receipts, consider which ones to keep. You do want to keep any receipt for something you may want or need to return in the future.

Each January I set up my tax files for the years with the categories:

  • Income
  • Taxes/Mortgage
  • Medical
  • Charitable
  • Miscellaneous

Each time a piece of paper comes into my home that I will need to file taxes it goes directly into the appropriate file.

If the papers in your home are out of control, get a white box and collect all the papers throughout your home. Then take at least a few minutes each day to go through the box and sort the papers into your Action File, permanent file cabinet, or trash can. If you notice papers that need immediate attention as you are collecting papers keep them separate and take care of them ASAP.

Do not collect papers in a grocery bag. Someone may mistake it for trash and toss it.

Begin immediately to open your mail next to the trash can and sort into you Action File or the Trash. My calendar is very near the trash can so I can make note of any activities on our calendar. I attach invitations to the calendar with a paperclip. You may want to keep invitations in the To Do File.

How Can I Change?

First of all my basic formula for change is Romans 12:2: Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

The Lord is my Transformer. I expose myself daily to the Word of God and allow God’s word to change me. I read the Bible, Study the Bible, Meditate on the Bible, and Memorize the Bible.

While  now commonly attributed toTony Robbins it was Henry Ford that said:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

  • In order to see change in your life you cannot not just quit doing something. The habit or behavior has to be replaced by a different behavior.
  • Instead of leaving my clothes on the floor I have a hook or a place in my closet for the clothes. In order to quit biting my nails I begin to take care of my hands and nails.
  • Instead of leaving dishes in the sink or on the counter I empty my dishwasher after the cycle is run and put dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher.
  • Instead of being consistently late I plan to leave my home earlier to get to activities and appointments. This may mean that I get up earlier, make sure my keys and the items I need to take with me are near the door, that I lay out my clothes the night before, that I make sure my children are on track to leave 15 to 30 minutes earlier than they are accustomed to leaving.
  • Instead of paying bills late I set up a system for paying bills that for me uses the bank’s bill pay. I use Quicken to keep track of all our transactions and update it daily. It only takes minutes.
  • I make sure my car is full of fuel and never let it get lower than ¼ tank.

In other words, I examine the areas in my life that are not working and I am intentional in planning positive actions and attitudes to replace the actions and attitudes that are not working for me.

What are the negative habits, actions, and behaviors that you have and how are you dealing with them?

Today’s One Small Area is Your Desk—take time to go through your desk and put it into order.

Do you have a shredder? You may need to put one on your shopping list for when you have the funds and start shredding any papers with personal information before you dispose of them. Until then, make sure you rip into teeny tiny pieces any papers that have personal information like account numbers, social security number, passwords, or anything you don’t want shared with the world.

Tomorrow is Floor Day—the last two Thursdays were holidays. Do your floors need special attention?

Love and Hugs,