Today is Friday the Second Day of January 2015–Wrap Up Your Week

Today is Friday the Second Day of January 2015—Friday is Wrap Up Your Week Day—

  • Clean out your purse, backpack, diaper bag, computer bag or whatever goes out the door with you.
  • Clean out your car
  • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home—give special attention to your Area of Focus

DSCN0041Area of Focus: January 1st to 7th: Living Room/Family Room

Get ready for a major declutter in your Living Room/Family Room

  • Spend 15 to 30 minutes each day going through a small area in these areas this week.
  • Pick a place to begin and work your way around or out. Either start at the door and work your way around the room either to the right or left.
  • OR begin in the far corner of the room and work your way out of the room.
  • Deal with each drawer, shelf, cabinet, or surface as you come to it.
  • Remove everything from one small area at a time. Replace only what you decide to keep in that area.
  • Keep like items or items used for the same purpose together.
  • You must decide where you will keep each item. If every drawer is a miscellaneous drawer you will continue to have cluttered, messy drawers.
  • You can find drawer dividers to corral small items at Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and specialty stores as well as online.
  • Don’t over organize. Don’t buy organizers until you have identified a need for them. Organizers can become part of the clutter.
  • Each item is either a Keep, Put Away Someplace Else, Donate, or Toss. Things that belong to others can be put in a basket near your door to deliver to its rightful owner on your next errand day.

Cleaning Your Living Room/Family Room

  • Start high and work your way down.
    • Are there any cobwebs in your corners or on your walls?
    • Do you have ceiling fans that need attention?
    • Don’t forget to dust your window treatments and curtains as well as your blinds and window sills.
    • Dust the surfaces in your living room. Again, start high and work your way down. The answer to “Do I dust or vacuum first?” is –Dust first.
    • Check the storage areas (shelves, drawers, and cabinets) in these rooms and put them into order.
    • Vacuum thoroughly—behind, under and around.
    • When you clean under the cushions of your couch use care. You may encounter sharp objects. I can honestly say you never know what you will find there.
    • Finally, take out the trash. Stand back and look around to enjoy the work you’ve accomplished.
    • Maintain, maintain, maintain.
    • MAKE IT A PRACTICE: Keep a basket for quick pickups. Empty the basket often to keep it from becoming a catch all.

IMG_0371I am using the One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) to read through the Bible in 2015. I am using a notebook for extensive notes on what I am reading basically using the SOAP method.





I am also memorizing two passages of Scripture per month with Beth Moore’s Siestas Memory Team

2015 is my year in the Bible—I am looking forward to seeing how God’s Word will transform me in 2015.

The Coat Closet
The Coat Closet

For my January major declutter beside working in my Area of Focus each day I am taking one small area for special attention. Today my One Small Area is The Coat Closet (or wherever you keep your coats, gloves, boots, and other outdoor clothes as you come and go.)

Love and Hugs,


Monday my One Small Area will be The Powder Room