Today is Wednesday the 19th Day of November 2014—Desk Day

My office supplies
My office supplies

Each Wednesday is Desk Day—One area of your life where you can save money, time and humiliation is by keeping up with the paperwork in your home. Critical issues left unattended, bills left unpaid, and a lack of a system for finding important papers can be expensive in both time and money. Gather your paperwork into one place. Deal with it as it comes into your home daily through mailbox, IMG_0065backpack or any other way.  Have one day—for me Wednesday—to make sure everything is up to date. Go through your action file and make sure that everything is up to date and nothing has fallen into the wrong file. I program in all of our bills to our bank’s Bill Pay and enter it into Quicken in my computer. I download transactions daily and carefully watch what is going on in our finances. I have the convenience of knowing when and how much each check will be in the bank. If you don’t have that convenience, it’s even more important for you to keep up with your finances.

Small office needs in a fishin tackle box
Small office needs in a fishing tackle box

Make sure you have a certified copy of your marriage license, birth certificates for each of your children, and other important papers stored in a fire resistant lockbox. I keep our lockbox near the main entry to our home so I can grab it quickly in the event of an emergency.

Do not file papers you will never need again. That just makes the papers you do need more difficult to find.

Our Area of Focus this week is our Bedroom, En Suite Bathroom and Closet. We wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Consider what you don’t wear, what you will never wear, and pass it on to someone who could use it. Closet space is lovely to have. Don’t clutter it up with what you don’t like and don’t need.

With the cold weather how about going through your coats and jackets. Make sure you really need each of  them. If not pass them on. If you do need them, are they clean and in good repair? The same goes for scarves, hats and gloves. In Richmond some dry cleaners collect unneeded coats, clean them and donate them to people who do need them.

Please be praying for our family. We are blessed in so many ways but we have some challenges right now. Our son was laid off from his job and while he is eligible for unemployment and will receive severance pay, he wants to be working. Pray also for safe travel for Summer and her family as they fly here from Utah for the holidays. There’s a few unspoken requests also.

Tomorrow is Floor Day—Get ready to make them shine!

Love and Hugs,