Today is Monday the Fifth Day of January 2015 –My Focus for January 2015–Major Declutter, Low Sugar Eating, and Reading & Studying the Bible and Memorizing Scripture

Today is Monday the Fifth Day of January 2015

DSCN0041Your Area of Focus through Wednesday is The Living Room/Family Room

Your One Small Area for January’s Major Declutter is The Half Bath or Powder DSCN0035Room

Monday is Launch Your Week Day

  • Bring Your Home Back into Order after the Weekend
  • Clean Your Toilets
  • Check Your Bathroom for Any Needed Supplies—Personal, Paper, or Cleaning

The Point of Decluttering

The point of decluttering is not just to make things look better even though that will be a result. The point of decluttering and organizing is function—making things work better.

  • You are not just trying to get things out of sight but storing them in a way that is easy to access and use.
  • Keep only what you need and use. For anything to earn a place in your home it should be useful or beautiful, preferably both.
  • Remember while beauty is a function, too, keeping too many things even beautiful things lessens their impact. Be selective
  • Items belong near their point of use. On Saturday, I moved my beverage center near to the sink and cabinet that contain cups. My breadmaker was in that place on the counter so I moved it to the island where I have plenty of space to put my bread together. I now will use fewer steps in preparing hot beverages along with the added space for baking.
  • Think when you are deciding where to store something –remember access and function.

Cutting Out Sugar

????????????????????????????????????Last year (December 2013) I began to cut out sugary beverages including juices. A few months ago I began to read labels for sugar content in my food choices. Did you know that a handful of M&M’s is 22 grams of sugar??!! I didn’t. Now I read labels and try to keep my sugar grams per day down to 15 grams. I am not successful yet but I am losing weight and it has mostly been from around my waistline. I am also attempting to limit my servings of carbohydrates to 6 per day which is a little easier. I lost and maintained my weight over the holidays even with more cheating than I like. Sugar is beginning to lose some of its appeal because when I eat sugar I don’t feel as well. Sugar contributes to that foggy feeling in the afternoon. I am holding off having clothes altered or buying new clothes until I know where I will end up but my choices are becoming more limited.

This is about health not physical appearance but physical appearance will be better. The best indicator (ouch!) of health is your waistline measurement. It should be half your height or less. Larger waistlines make you more vulnerable to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Reducing the amount of sugar especially hidden sugars will help you get rid of belly fat. If an ingredient ends in –“ose” it is a sugar. Changing to sugar substitutes is risky, too, because many of them are not healthy. Those pink, blue, and yellow packets are nowhere in my home or eating plan. Healthy choices are from monk fruit, stevia, and two sugar alcohols—xylitol and erythritol. Two good side effect is there is no calorie counting as long as I eat reasonably and healthy fats are on my eating plan which leads to more satisfaction. No other eating plan has ever worked for me this long—my eating plan is a lightly tweaked version of the Daniel Plan.

I am reading through the One Year Chronological Bible and SOAPing each day. SOAP is Scripture, Observationimage, Application, and Prayer. I am also memorizing Scripture along with Beth Moore and the Siesta Memorizing Team. We are committed to memorizing 2 Scriptures per month during 2015. The website is…/siesta-scripture-memory-team-2015-…

So here you see three areas I am focusing on for January 2015:

  • A Major Declutter—one small area at a time
  • Cutting sugar from my eating plan
  • Reading the Bible, SOAPing and Memorizing Scripture

I am also inviting friends to my home beginning the end of the month for a Bible Study once a week. We will be studying Walk on Water Faith: Discovering Power in the Promises of God. One of the very best ways to develop friendships is around God’s Word.

Love and Hugs,


One Small Area for Tuesday is Your Entertainment Center

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day