Monday, April 29, 2013—Bathrooms and Gearing Up for May


Every Monday—Clean ALL your toilets and check your  bathroom supplies—paper, personal, and cleaning—add things you are about to run out of to your shopping list for your next errand day.

  • Do not wait until you are out of anything to add it to your shopping list


Our area of focus today and tomorrow is our Bathrooms.

Cleaning Your Bath and Keeping it Clean

The goal of bathroom cleaning is to keep the surfaces clean and sanitary.

Each day:

  • Wipe out the sink (30 seconds) I keep a stack of white washcloths under the sink and use them to wipe out the sink and wipe down the counters at least once a day. Develop the habit of wiping out the sink after every use and it will stay clean.
  • Wipe off the toilet seat and rim (20 seconds)
  • Swish the toilet bowl with a toilet brush (20 seconds)
  • Polish the mirror and faucet (20 seconds)
  • Keep a squeegee in the shower and squeegee the surfaces immediately after your shower or use a shower spray (20 seconds)
  • Dump the trash.

Total Time=2 minutes a day!

Make it a habit to leave the bathroom clean each time you use it. If you are keeping the bathroom clean by cleaning the sink, mirror, toilet and tub as they are used, a little more cleaning will keep it sparkling weekly.

Monthly—give the toilet a more thorough cleaning, use bathroom cleaner on the sink, tub, and other surfaces and then use a steam mop, Swiffer, or mop and a bucket of all-purpose cleaner to clean the floors.

  • Clean towels used on clean bodies and hung up to dry after each use will only need to be changed once or twice a week.
  • Make the bathroom a clutter free zone. Keep the area spa-like by limiting what is on the counter tops.
  • Dispose of out of date medications and cosmetics regularly.
  • Each month as you go through your home, take care to let go of everything in your bath that you do not use.


Wednesday is May 1st!  We will be focusing on our Living Room/Family Room areas.  Concentrating on one area at a time builds energy and anticipation. I am eager to begin again on Wednesday  to spend time making my Living Room and Family a welcoming and pleasant place for my husband and our family and friends when they visit.

My grandson 12 year old, Brayden, spent Saturday night with us. He announced to me Sunday morning that he had made the bed this morning. Usually I ask him to help me make the bed he sleeps in. I was so delighted that he took the initiative and made the bed today without any prompting from me! My sweetheart boy is growing up!

Keep starting over. You only fail when you quit trying

  • Every seven days start over on an area of my home.
  • Every time I am not as kind as I could be, I try again.
  • When I eat the wrong thing when I am trying to lose weight, I start over again immediately, instead of giving up and waiting for the next Monday.  
  • Sometimes I mess up over and over and over again but I will not quit.
  • I am still learning to try to keep my tongue when I have nothing nice to say. It’s a challenge to remain gracious when I am tempted to respond in kind when others are less than gracious to me.
  • I know with decluttering, caring for my home, and a host of other things, including the way I treat others, the more I practice, the better I get. As Winston Churchill said, “Never give up! Never, never, never, never give up.” (Unless you are doing the wrong thing 3;-)


A Preview of the Week

  • Tomorrow is Duster Dance Day, and the last day in our Bathroom(s). I’ll share information on Cosmetic Shelf Life—no your makeup does not last forever!
  • Wednesday is Desk Day and our first day in the Living Room/Family Room.
  • Thursday is Floor Day—continue with the Living Room/Family Room.
  • Friday is Wrap up the Week: Clean out your purse. Clean out your car. Vacuum the traffic areas. In your area of focus, vacuum thoroughly—around, under and behind.
  • A little effort each day turns Saturday from a work day to Family Fun Day
  • Sunday is the wedding ring God has placed on our week. A reminder of our relationship with Him. Set Sunday apart to worship God, and spend time with God. He wired us and knows we need a day of rest and a change of pace.