Good Morning, Beautiful! Monday, December 19, 2016-Monday is Launch Your Week Day

Good Morning, Beautiful!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday is Launch Your Week Day

Each Monday:

  • Bring Your Home Back into Order after the Weekend
  • Clean Your Toilets
  • While You Are in Your Bathrooms Cleaning the Toilet, Check Your Supplies (Cleaning, Personal, and Paper) to See if Anything is Needed and Add Those Items to Your Shopping List for the Next Errand Day

Remember to involve your miniature assistants in the work of your home. It is no favor to anyone for your children to not learn how to clean and to be invested in the care of their home.

The Area of Focus through Wednesday is The Master Bedroom, EnSuite Bathroom, and Closet. At the same time many of your children are on Christmas vacation and can spend time in their rooms. I believe in  -“Inspect, don’t Expect”. When my adult children were young I checked their chest of drawers on Tuesdays and their closets on Thursdays. In that way things did not have too long to get into chaos. In putting away laundry, when they were babies I put their clothes away but as they grew I involved them more and more in putting their clothes away.

The Special Project this week, as through the month of December,  is Christmas.  This is the week to spend time with your children. If they have friends over, involve them also. Many kids don’t have as much family time as we once did. Work together, play together, and first of all, pray together. Play games, make cookies, decorate their spaces, talk about why we celebrate.

Have a happy day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,

MaryOur tree topper 2014


Your Child’s Room–Building Habits to Last a Lifetime

Checklist for Your Child and Your Child’s Room

IMG_0001Before Bedtime:

  • Put away shoes and clothes
  • Put away toys
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow

In the morning:

  • Put away pajamas
  • Make Bed

Each week:

  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Change sheets


  • Work with mom to go through outgrown clothes
  • Work with mom to deep clean

Even when I change sheets, it’s nice to have someone work with me. Changing sheets is a great way to work with your children.

Monday the 12th Day of January 2015—Launch Your Week and a Daily Area of Focus Plan (Alternate)

Monday the 12th Day of January 2015—Launch Your Week by:

  • Putting Your Home in Order after the Weekend
  • Cleaning Your Toilets
  • Checking Your Bathroom for Any Needed Supplies—Personal, Paper, or Cleaning

The One Small Area for the Major Declutter is the Pantry

The Area of Focus through Wednesday is the Kitchen.

I like to use Weekly Areas of Focus
Week One     The Living Room/Family Room (1st-7th)

Week Two     The Kitchen (8th-14th)

Week Three  The Master Bedroom, Closet and En Suite (15th-21st)

Week Four     The Front Porch/Entry/Dining Room (22nd-28th)

Week Five      The Family Bathroom

Another alternative: A Daily Focus plan:

Monday—      Bathrooms/Toilets

Tuesday—      Front Porch, Entry and Errands/Dusting


Thursday       Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room/Floors

Friday—          Master Bedroom and Closet/Vacuuming/Car/Purse

Saturday—     Family Projects and Fun Day

Sunday—        Worship, Rest, and Plan

For Your Children

Gently inspect one child’s room each day. Give directions and encouragement, not criticism. Weekly inspections keep full blown disaster areas from developing. Insist beds be made daily.

Give the tasks in your life a place to live in your schedule and remember that work expands to fill the amount of time allotted for it. Get your work done first and quickly and then enjoy time with family and friends.

Love and Hugs,


Zones for Your Children’s Rooms


Encourage your children to create zones in their bedroom. While they maintain their entire bedroom, they can focus on one area a week.

Zones for Your Children’s Room(s)

Week One—Bed and Beside Table

· What’s under the bed? Unless it’s in a container, that’s not a storage area you want to use. The area is harder to clean and the items stored outside a container will get dirty and dusty

Week Two—Dresser

· All drawers in order.

· Each drawer or area of the drawer should have the same type of item, folded in the same way

· Socks matched. When your socks are not matched it takes time to find two that at least come close to matching.

Week Three—Closet

· Group items by type. Everything in your closet should be clean, in good repair and fit.

· Shoes should be in pairs. Shoe racks, bags or cubbies are useful to keep pairs together.

· Closet floor and shelf should be in order. Get out a step ladder and encourage them to check all the way to the back of the shelf. Stuff can get lost back there.

Week Four—Desk and Bookshelf (or Toy Box for younger children)

· Older children should have the supplies they need for study and homework

· Younger children can learn to take care of their toys and to keep play sets together.

Week Five—The Floor

· What’s on the floor that needs to be put away?

Inspect don’t expect. Work with your child until they master a skill and then give them increasing freedom and responsibility