From Quiet Time to Happy Hour

I have renamed my Quiet Time as my Happy Hour. It may not be an hour, and it does not include adult beverages but I am aware of my need to be happy in the Lord before I begin my day. I cannot give others what I do not have myself. I want to walk in my Father’s love, joy, peace, and power. I need to spend the first moments of my day focusing on the goodness and greatness of God and His great love for me and you. I need to align myself with Him and let go of anything in me that is not of Him. It is not just a spiritual discipline. It is my great joy to spend time with my Father. If you are not in joyful relationship with Him, what is your understanding of Him? He is love. He is good. He is magnificent. He is great beyond all greatness. And He loves you more than anyone else loves you. He seems you perfect and complete and wants you to see yourself through His eyes. He wamarypaitsel-august-29-2016nts to fill you with His love so you can love others with His love.