Tuesday November the Fourth: Loving God Most

Today is Tuesday the fourth of November 2014.

imageTuesday is Duster Dance Day. Many people don’t like to dust but it has to be done if you want to be able to breathe in your home, so let’s make it fun. Put on some music, make sure you have a duster that works, and go to it.
Our Area of Focus this week is the Living Room. In your time in the Living Room today do an extra special job of dusting. Dust the blinds, the ceiling fan, and the shelves and nooks and crannies of your furniture. Move what needs to be moved and dust under it. Set the timer and race it. Give it 15 minutes. I like to wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and then polish them with a clean, dry cloth. That way there is no build- up of furniture polish. When my wood needs feeding I use lemon oil. I spread it on allow it to sit and then go back and wipe off the excess.

Today I am taking my car in for service. There are a couple of small issues. Is your car maintenance up to date? Do you have the month each of your cars need to be inspected on your calendar? Is the date your license plates on each of your cars expire on your calendar? Take care of your car and your car will take care of you and you will have better resale value.
I got hardcore in this purge got rid of years of magazines that I had stored, neatly by type, and date. I realized that I would never do anything with any of those issues. I misread my recycling calendar and did not put them out for pickup yesterday. I was talking on the phone with a close friend and mentioned that I had missed the recycling truck. She told me her grandson’s preschool would love to have the magazines. I took 6 grocery bags over to her house for her to drop off. I could see God’s handprints all over this. The preschool got magazines, my friend and I shared tea, prayer, and conversation. God gets the glory as we shared/share our faith.

Pretty Poison
IMG_0194The enemy has a pretty poison for each of us. That pretty poison has been carefully selected by the enemy to lead us away from God. The enemy uses that pretty poison to lie to us about who we are, what we must have, and how we should live. The antidote to that pretty poison is loving God. If we simply try to resist the pretty poison in our own strength it grows larger and stronger as we focus on it. Loving God means instead of focusing on that pretty poison we focus on Him.

For example, it may be:

I love to be in the know and share what I know with other people (gossip) but I love God more so the words of my mouth will be words that glorify Him. (Gossip is sharing anything in which both you and the people you are sharing with are not a part of the problem or a part of the solution and don’t delude yourself about what the solution is)

I love food but I love God more. My body is God’s temple—His dwelling place so I will care for it and not indulge in eating and drinking the foods that will destroy my ability to serve God well. I will seek comfort in God and not in food and drink.

I am attracted to another person in an inappropriate way. The gift of our sexuality has been given to us as an intimate celebration within marriage—a covenant celebration. The enemy tempts us to misuse this lovely gift of God by pursuing it outside of marriage. Marriage is a picture of God’s love—for Christ and His Bride the Church. The enemy has worked long and hard to destroy this picture by drawing us to indulge in sexual relationships before and outside of marriage. So it may be I am attracted to another person whether a person of the opposite gender or a person of the same gender but I love God more and I will seek His best and not a momentary thrill.

IMG_0422It could be in my marriage and family that my dreams are not being fulfilled and I feel unloved and unappreciated and wasted in a season of my life. I want to give up but I love God more so I persevere and I love my husband and children as onto the Lord. I love others intentionally because I love God more.

It could be that I am discouraged and think my life is not worth living so I want to take it but my life belongs to God and I love God more so I live for Him.

There are so many other situations and circumstances where we have to choose to love God most intentionally. It is not that some things do not bring pleasure for a season or that we could only love one person. There are any number of ways we can betrayed or be betrayed by even a person we consider our soulmate. Don’t buy the lies. God knows what will damage and destroy us and He tells us not to go there. Love God most.

The greater love forces out the lesser. BUT love is not just a feeling, an overwhelming force that we are not able to stop or resist. Love is sacrifice. Love is a choice of the will. Love puts the needs of others ahead of our own needs. Yes we do need to take care of ourselves in order to care for others but too often we indulge ourselves to the neglect of others.

Here goes the same old story I have shared with you more than a couple of times. When my grandson Brayden was much smaller than he is now, he asked me, “Grandma who do you love most?” In that moment of time God moved in me and my answer was God breathed. “I love God most, Brayden.”
“Why do you love God most, Grandma?”
“Because when I love God most, I can love you better.”

Choose to love God most. Focus on God and not on the strongholds in your life. Walk by faith and not by sight and He will help you be more than a conqueror.

Love and Hugs,

Tomorrow is Desk Day—Get ready to get up to date.